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This clinic exists because we can all benefit from working with a therapist who can relate to our lived experiences. In order to truly heal and find our way, we want and need more than to work with someone who has read about those like us in a textbook; we want someone who has been there and is finding their way just as we are. This is a space designed to see and honor our full selves and the range of identities we see in our communities.

Milk thistles are underappreciated for their value and service to ecosystems, often disregarded as a prickly nuisance. They survive almost anywhere and thrive in spaces where the soil is walked on and compressed often, aerating the earth with their deep taproots and offering potent detoxifying agents encased within their thorn-protected flowers. Like those of us humans who in one way or another live and thrive in the margins, milk thistles are an excellent symbol of resilience and remedy.

Milwaukee, WI

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